Live the Log Home Lifestyle...   
With the beauty, warmth and security of a Solid Oak Gastineau Log Home.
Log homes have been part of Indiana culture since the first
settlers came here over 200 years ago.  Those early pioneers
appreciated the security of solid log walls that kept the warmth
of the fire in on harsh winter nights and held mother nature
(and the 'critters') at bay.  Many original log structures, some
over 200 years old, are still standing in the state.  The ones
that have survived the test of time were most likely built of solid
oak - one of the most durable woods known to man.

1st Choice Oak Log Homes is pleased to offer strong,
durable, energy efficien
t, and affordable log homes from
Gastineau Log Homes - the only major producer of solid oak
log homes in the U.S.

The beauty of a solid oak log home has to be experienced to
be truly appreciated.  
You are invited to follow along with us as
we build our brand new Gastineau log home model, soon to be
located in N.W. Indiana.

When you come, bring your plans and any ideas you can share
that will help us understand exactly what you're looking for -
what your new home must do to meet and satisfy your needs
and dreams.
 1st Choice Oak Log Homes work with you to
make sure every detail of your
Gastineau  Log Home is
perfectly tuned to your lifestyle and built to last for generations.
Log Homes - An Indiana heritage.
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tools and resources to discover all the great
benefits of a solid oak log or
Therm-log home:
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The Seven Gables - One of Gastineau's most popular styles.
Oak log homes are among the 'greenest' homes
you can build?  It's true!  
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